# Introduction

Welcome to the EmbeddedFPSExample tutorial! This tutorial teaches how to create an authoritative multiplayer first person shooter game with Unity and Darkrift 2 (opens new window). This tutorial will cover the following subjects:

  • Multiplayer game project architecture
  • Darkrift 2 basics.
  • Choosing between an embedded and a standalone Darkrift server.
  • Basic room management
  • Client prediction, reconciliation, interpolation, authoritative movement.
  • Lag compensation (shooting in an FPS game)

Note that this is a basic tutorial so a lot of networking systems will be present in a simplified or inefficient way. You can find the entire source of the client and the server on Github (opens new window)


I will use the warning or the danger box in front of the explanations of things that are done in an inefficient or incorrect manner for the sake of simplicity


I will use the tip box in front of additional information which isn't directly related to this tutorial.